The Association of Caron Families of America

Founded in 1984 under Québec provincial laws, the Association des Familles Caron d’Amérique, is a non profit organisation reaching these goals:

  • To reach as many descendants of the Caron ancestors as possible

  • To constitute and enrich the historical heritage of the Association.

  • The Association proposes to use the following means to achieve its objectives:

    • Meetings and get-togethers to strengthen ties between members;

    • Bulletins and/or publications to inform them about the activities of the Association;

    • Documents and records.

The Association currently has 400 members of which 300 are life members.

The Association is managed by a board of directors made up of 7 elected members who act on a voluntary basis.

The Association publishes a newsletter under the name Tenir et Servir, which is also the motto of the Association. The newsletter appears three times a year and is mailed or e-mailed to each member. You can read newletters from previous years in the Newletter section of this site.

The Council meets regularly by video conference and focuses its actions on gathering, journal production and genealogy activities.

For any additional information, you can contact one of the members of the Association’s Board of Directors. If you wish to become a member of the Association, consult the appropriate section by clicking here.







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Activities & News

2023 Annual Gathering

The association will hold its 2023 annual gathering in Drummondville, province of Québec, on August 19. You can already note this date on your calendar. The program for the day will be announced shortly. The formula will be similar to that of previous years, that is...

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Web site translation

Our web page is now available in English to reach more people.* Little by little, we will continue the in-depth translation of the site to make it useful to Carons who are interested in our history and our genealogy. Since we want to share our passion with as many...

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The Association of Caron Families of America