The federation of Quebec Families Association

Our association is a member of the Federation of the Quebec Families Association, whose mission is summarized below. :(Text translated from the FAFQ Website

Almost 150 family associations, from which more than 2/3 are members of the federation, join more than 20 000 members scattered throughout Quebec and want to pass on a family heritage that modulates with current technology the imprints of the past. Collective memory is nourished by family memory and then forges the identity of Quebecers in the 21st century.

The federation is a not-for-profit organization that aims to :

  • Bring together family associations into a not-for-profit federation to act in a concerted manner;
  • Represent defend their interests;
  • Help to form new associations;
  • Organize or hold conferences, meetings, assemblies, exhibitions for the promotion, development and extension of history, genealogy or other matters affecting family associations;
  • Collaborate in the organization of large gatherings or other activities that may be of interest to family associations; and,
  • Provide permanent administrative services.

For more information, consult the Federation Website (in french only).